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A small gift

60% of Nursing home residents do not have regular visitors.


– May 2015

Here to help

A combination of longer life spans and spiraling health care costs have left an estimated 64% of Americans in Nursing Homes dependent on Medicaid.
– New York Times June 2017

A good cause

50% of our Nursing Home residents do not have any close relatives. Some of our residents are in their nineties and all of their friends and family are deceased.
– Social worker at McKinney, TX Medicaid Nursing Home

Donate PJs, make a day better

Personal Needs allowance in Texas for Medicaid Nursing Home Residents is only $60 per month. This covers haircuts, clothing, favored brand hygiene products, toiletry items, multivitamins, snacks, even birthday cards to send to family members. When a set of pajamas is $20, that is considered a luxury not a necessity.

Photo Gallery

“There is nothing more special to me than receiving my new pair of warm pajamas each Winter”

– Lauren, Nursing home resident in Dallas

“This made my day. Thank you so much! I haven’t had new pajamas in years.”

– Beverly Mae, Nursing Home Resident in Dallas

“Many of our new residents arrive from the county hospital with absolutely no belongings, wearing only a hospital gown.”

– Social Worker, Dallas Nursing Home